I can produce any sort of image as a transfer:

Tattoo designs, logos, photos, writing, bruises, ect. I also produce 3D transfers - these are typically used for creating scars, scabs, raised tattoos, burns ect. 

The transfers are very easy to use, photo-realistic and has an application time of 20 seconds.

Over the years I have perfected the technique of manufacturing custom tattoo transfers. In the beginning only for my own use on movie productions. 

But increasingly I am producing transfers for other make-up artists, photographers and production companies around Europe.

I do not use store-bought home-print tattoo paper, as this leaves a shiny, visible film on the skin. My tattoos leaves no visible film, and are custom made. 

If you'd like me to send you a sample, or if you have a specific job, feel free to write me at